About This Project

Content First is a high-quality, results-driven, end-to-end digital marketing agency.

They combine deep industry experience, a data driven approach, and creative flair to design and execute digital strategies to help our clients win more business.

They believe in delivering value. It carries through everything they do, from the way the team proactively services each of their clients, to how they position their clients in the market to convey the great value they offer.

We based the identity¬† on these values and the result was a modern, smart and compact concept built around “first” and a negative-space “1” that would emphasize on one hand, the idea of being the first, being the leader, not another one waiting in line, taking control of your business and aim to the first place, and on the other hand, the importance of the content, of how and what you communicate.

Content First can help you too to grow your business, learn more about them here:

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