About This Project

Logo design project for a new chocolate brand named “Madres de Cacao”. The chocolate will be made with only organic, fair-traded cocoa. The brand takes pride in being authentic, sustainable, ecological and responsible.

The name of the brand comes from Madre de Cacao (Gliricidia sepium) which is a tree in Latin America. It translates from Spanish as “mother of cacao”. These trees are growing very fast and they soon are much taller than the cacao plants nearby and so they spend them enough shadow in the tropical sun that the cacao plants can grow. This way, they take care of the young cacao just like a mother protects her child.

The icon includes a protecting and loving mother’s hand next to the cacao bean hand-drawn illustration. The typography is elegant, without being too classic or rigid, but inviting, friendly, with a slightly feminine aspect due to the ligatures and the curved, soft lines.

branding portfolio part 1, logo, logo design
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