About us

Where we are:

We are a boutique design studio located in Romania, Cluj-Napoca, a historical town in the heart of beautiful Transylvania.

Since when:

Friendly Label was founded in 2010. We would like to be able to say that we are designing since 1920…

What we love

  1. We love what we do, every bit of it (quite madly).
  2. We love a perfectly done job.
  3. We love and cherish the informal and friendly business relationships, although we deeply respect you, we won’t address you with “sir” or “madam”.
  4. We love to be organized and to plan everything.
  5. We love all the little things and moments that make life so magnificent.

What we don’t like

  1. We don’t like to quit.
  2. We don’t like to be late.
  3. We don’t like the “oh, that’s adorable!”, we aim for “God, this is awesome!”
  4. We don’t like low resolution images.
  5. We don’t like the files that are named “final_version_veryfinal_new_revision28.eps”

The Team

Eliza 2

Eliza Piticari

Brand Consultant / Graphic Designer
Ovidiu 2

George Dragu

Senior Copywriter / Market Research Consultant
Ingrid 2

Ingrid Iacob

Account Manager / Project Manager

Peter Erdos

IT Support - www.it-assist.pro