logo design and branding for a luxury travel agency logo design and branding for a luxury travel agency logo design and branding for a luxury travel agency logo design and branding for a luxury travel agency

About This Project

Logo Redesign and Branding for a Travel Agency

Project Overview: Prodigar Travel, offering bespoke travel experiences, required a logo redesign that modernized and refined its brand identity. The redesign focused on enhancing typography while retaining the original and recognizable icon, delivering a fresh yet familiar look.

Design Concept: The updated logo harmonizes the classic icon with new, sleek typography. The font selection was crucial, with an emphasis on legibility, elegance, and contemporary aesthetics. The subtlety in the typeface complements the iconic symbol, which has been a longstanding emblem of the brand’s legacy.

Typography: The chosen typeface features clean lines and a modern serif, striking a balance between tradition and innovation. The kerning and letter-spacing were meticulously adjusted to enhance the overall visual impact and readability.

Color Scheme: A sophisticated palette remains, with a focus on gold and deep teal hues, evoking luxury, reliability, and the vastness of the travel landscapes Prodigar offers.

Brand Application: The new branding extends across marketing materials, including business cards, letterheads, and digital platforms. The consistency in design elements ensures brand recognition and reinforces Prodigar Travel’s market position as a purveyor of luxury travel experiences.

Outcome: The refreshed Prodigar Travel logo has elevated the brand’s presence, resonating with a growing client base seeking upscale travel. The redesign has been pivotal in enhancing brand recall and emphasizing Prodigar’s commitment to quality and exclusive service.


Learn more about this unique luxury travel agency: ProdigarTravel.com


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