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Health Supplement Logo Design

Project Overview: Viluma, a premium health supplement brand, offers a multi-collagen formula designed to promote vitality and wellness. We were tasked with creating a logo that encapsulates the purity, energy, and transformative impact of their flagship product.

Design Concept: The Viluma logo is a study in minimalism and impact. With a bold typeface and an abstract leaf symbol, the design conveys a sense of organic growth and natural health. The leaf element, a universal sign of life and vitality, is stylized to reflect precision and scientific backing behind the Viluma brand.

Color Scheme: We opted for a monochromatic theme, embracing the strength and versatility of black to represent elegance, power, and sophistication. This choice underscores the premium quality of the Viluma supplement and its appeal to a health-conscious audience.

Typography: The typography is modern and clean, lending the brand a contemporary feel that speaks to its forward-thinking approach. The use of capital letters in the brand name asserts confidence and stability.

Brand Application: The logo’s simplicity allows for flexible application across various media, from product packaging to digital platforms, ensuring brand consistency and recognition. The distinct leaf emblem serves as a standalone icon that encapsulates the brand’s identity in its purest form.

Outcome: The Viluma logo has successfully communicated the brand’s core message of health and premium quality. It has become a symbol of trust and efficacy in the health supplement market, directly contributing to the brand’s growth and consumer loyalty.


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