medical practice logo design project medical practice logo design project medical practice logo design project

About This Project

Medical Logo Design and Branding

Project Overview: Bryskin Med, specialized in internal medicine and nephrology, required a brand identity that conveys their commitment to patient-centered care and medical excellence. Our challenge was to design a logo and accompanying brand elements that reflect the brand’s dedication to health and vitality.

Design Concept: The logo is anchored by a human figure in a pose of vitality and growth, set against a backdrop of stylized leaves that form a protective and nurturing environment. This human-tree motif symbolizes the practice’s holistic approach to health, suggesting growth, rejuvenation, and life.

Color Scheme: A soothing palette of soft greens and coral reds was selected for its calming effect and its association with health, balance, and energy. These colors reinforce the clinic’s focus on harmony and well-being.

Typography: We chose a typeface that balances professionalism with approachability, reflecting the clinic’s modern yet compassionate approach to healthcare. The clean lines of the font ensure legibility and convey a sense of trustworthiness.

Brand Application: The branding extends to all facets of Bryskin Med’s communications, from stationery to digital presence, creating a cohesive and recognizable identity. The logo’s versatility allows it to be easily adapted across various media while maintaining the integrity of the brand.

Outcome: The branding for Bryskin Med has been instrumental in strengthening the medical practice identity and presence in the healthcare community. The new logo and color scheme have been well-received by patients and staff alike, embodying the doctor’s mission of providing exceptional and empathetic medical care.


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